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Micro Blading in Kensal Rise

Micro blading?

What the bugger is it?

I first learned of this phenomenon when my pristinely dressed/made up, boutique owning niece came to visit. There was me- eyebrows carefully pencilled in/on (having tried dying, stencilling and the total ‘fail’ stamping- which I ultimately used to irk my daughter, a new mum, by stamping some serious Essex eyebrows n y granddaughter ) anyway… about 30 minutes after her arrival I caught sight of myself and realised that one eyebrow was a good 10cm above the other! I looked somehow quizzical, alarmed even and realised I had been walking around school like that for the entire day! Not one bugger told me!?

This 'temporary’ look washed away I reappeared with eu natural, thinner than a tarts g-string, hint of eyebrows. Pristine niece enquired as to the departure of my quizzical brows and this led to a convo about micro blading…

Turns out her perfect brows had been 'done’. I looked closely and they looked so real, I just had to carry out the 'spit on finger’ test. A quick, vigorous rub and behold…they were still in place! A little of the foundation had come off around the brow area but hey ho. I HAD to have some of these!

Niecy lives on Jersey in the Channel Islands and that was a bit far for me to travel, so we scoured what was on offer locally and I was disappointed to find very little and of those I did find, there just wasn’t enough reviews to give over my face to. I mean you don’t go and have a semi permanent tattoo like procedure on your FACE without a huge amount of confidence now, do you?

So after several hours of trawling the net we chanced upon 'Microblading Brow Art’! In Twickenham (rugby players danced around my head, big thighs ahh I digress) We hit the link to Facebook and there we found volumes of reviews and voluminous eyebrows. This was the place for me! Prompted by Ms Perfect brows I called and spoke to Joanna (the artist) and made an appointment. Got a special deal too with a £75 voucher (expired now but lucky me ️)

The Treatment I arrived at Joanna’s on a Wednesday afternoon, late as I had gotten lost (damn sat nav) she didn’t mind. She talked me through the procedure, spent time mapping out my brow, spent time helping me select best colour for skin tone, Was the shape right for me? And then she began…Firstly numbing the brows with magic cream. Whilst waiting for the magic to take effect we went over my medical history: allergies, medication, surgeries and the like. She is meticulous.

Let the blading begin… Joanna then puts on her head gear a sort of casual mix between minion and miner and she picked up her blade…

It feels like little tiny scratches, that you can’t feel but you can hear. Weird but totally painless. I relaxed. Caught myself snoring and before I knew it we were done!

Reveal Face framed, years taken off, no more pencils or stupid stamps…I LOVED them ️ love love love ️

Aftercare Joanna gives a little aftercare package. Keep them clean, moist and out of the sun (the naughty sun fades tattoos! Get a 'Goo’ stick! Joanna will be stocking them soon. One swipe and sun safe!) and return in four weeks for any necessary touch ups.

Touch up Arrived an hour early LOL

I just KNOW Joanna knew what was coming… 'Make them bushier please’ LOL I realised I was a tad nervous first time around and opted for my Own shape but now? Well now the world is my oyster and although not quite Cara Delevingne, they are fuller and MINE. Definitely mine- they fit me! And I can’t help looking in every Mirror I pass. Vane at 60? Why the bugger not! Huge thanks to Joanna xxx



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